13 Best Fall Picture Ideas

As a photographer, I think fall is the best time of the year for pictures and activities unique to this season. To get you inspired, I compiled a list of the best must-try fall picture ideas you need to try to take yourself or request from your portrait photo session photographer if you plan to have one. All of these are perfect for individual portraits, couples, and even families!

1. Pumpkins

Fall Picture Ideas

Is it really fall without pumpkin everything? I think not! A pumpkin patch is a great place for ultimate fall vibes and a perfect place to dream up the best fall photoshoot ideas. If you don’t go to a patch you can grab a few for the home, the variety of pumpkin sizes makes it an endlessly creative prop for fall photos.

2. Leaf piles, parks, and woods

If you have an eye for warm golden tones then this photo is a must for you! You can get lost in a sea of leafy piles or just shoot for a gorgeous multicolor backdrop of a golden park or nearby forest. Tip: check out your spot a few days before you have a shoot to ensure that the leaves are still vivid and on the trees, with changing weather these may change quickly. But of course, if you are just looking for a fluffy pile to jump into then any time of fall will be just right. (PS My favorite place to capture fall photos in every year is the Ryerson Conservation Area!)

3. Wild Flowers 

One of the most underrated fall picture ideas is to go to a simple field of wildflowers. Some of these flowers are special as they can only be found in bloom during this time of year. You don’t need to go to the countryside to find a patch of lovely flowers, just go driving by parks and it is very likely you find a small lively colorful corner.

4. Halloween

Image by Paige Cody

Truly the sassiest of fall picture ideas is classic Halloween photoshoot. Pair your carefully planned costume with the perfect spooky fall season! No really, this is the best time to show it off, and with a little editing to match your outfit, your photos will look truly magical. 

5. Cornfields 

Photo by Allef Vinicius

You might not believe it but corn makes a dramatic background for strong portraits. It may seem like a basic plant but really it has tall intricate swirls of dark green, unlike any other greenery making it a great interactive background for portrait photos. 

6. Farm 

Petting zoos are a favorite all year round but we do tend to drop in a lot more in the fall since pumpkin patches and orchards are in order. If you have little ones this is a great time to dress them in cute fall outfits and grab the cutest pictures with the animals.

7. Campfire

Photo by Ball Park Brand

One of the best fall picture ideas that are right on with the theme of keeping warm during a cold weather day- with a campfire or fireplace. This one is great for nighttime and one to include as many friends as you can. Just take a few photos and then huddle up for some tasty s’mores!

8. Sunflowers 

Another harvest favorite for a smooth transition between Summer and Fall is a photo in a sunflower field. Be quick about this one, they can be too short and small one week and already harvested a few weeks later, so don’t miss out on these.

9. Blankets

Photo by Everton Vila

With fall comes cold weather, and arguably this is the most romantic way to handle it! If you choose a blanket reminiscent of classic fall patterns like plaid you’re guaranteed a perfect cozy fall photo.

10. Apple Orchard 

There are many better fall picture ideas than when it’s time for an apple harvest! Grab a camera to make the most out of your apple picking day at the orchard. Try to take pictures of the red apple trees as they stand out more in photos compared to the yellow or green apples that get lost on the leaves. (PS while it is not in Chicago the County Line Orchard in Northwest Indiana is a must-visit for apple picking, sunflower, pumpkin patch fun, tractor rides, and so much more!)

11. Outfit Color

An easy way to elevate your photo is to match the colors where you are planning to shoot. You can dress up in warm tones of fall colors, or go with completely matching outfits!

12. Golden Hour 

While you are out taking pictures with any other tips, be sure to take advantage of the golden hour. The warm sunlight will infuse your photos with a warmth that will greatly enhance all the fall colors you are looking for. (A cute location to visit is the)

13. Hot Cocoa or Cider

Photo by Nikita Kachanovs

‘Tis the season for the beginning of spicy warm drinks and ciders! Take advantage of this time to show off your special drink, as at any other time of year this will be just plain and not so fall.

Fall Picture Ideas, Conclusion

Now that you are equipped with a whole list of fall picture ideas it’s time to get busy photographing those special seasonal moments! Be sure to check the weather before you get ready for your fall photoshoot, even though this is the most gorgeous season it does have a tendency to be unpredictable with changes.

Fall Photos

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