10 Colorful Spring Photoshoot Ideas and Inspiration

If fall is all about pumpkins and scarves, then spring is all flowers, blossoms, and new beginnings. We’ve included the best spring photoshoot ideas and inspiration with flowers and beyond! 

Blooming flowers

Take advantage of Mother Nature’s spring gifts by taking an outdoor spring photoshoot with blooming flowers. I guarantee that even if you do not have any in your garden (or if you don’t even have a garden) if you take a stroll through the neighborhood long enough you’ll find these gems soon enough! This photo of me was just a couple of blocks away from my apartment – and I live in the busy city of Chicago (check out this blog for the best photo spots in the city).


Get your hands dirty with spring cleaning, but this time grab a camera right before you really get into it. Just think of all the props you can use for this spring photoshoot: rakes, wheelbarrows, shovels, hats, gloves, cute aprons, and so much more! If you don’t quite have a green thumb you can go to your local, park, conservatory, or garden, and take pictures there.

Spring photoshoot ideas | Mariyas Photography


Just like flowers, Easter = Spring. Dress up in your “Sunday best” with bright spring colors – pinks, oranges, yellows, light blues, or purples – and snap a photo! This is especially one of the cuter Spring photoshoot ideas for families with kids, throw on a pair of bunny ears on your kiddos while they look for Easter eggs and the photo will be a total winner. 

Spring photoshoot ideas | Mariyas Photography

Springs and ponds

When the ice is just melting and you have just a few tiny green sprouts showing up on trees you know it’s a perfect time to go to the park with a little pond or spring. From fishing to rowing a boat you can take lots of photos interacting with the water by splashing, looking at your reflection, or just standing nearby in a pretty flowy dress. 

Spring photoshoot ideas | Mariyas Photography


The late spring nuisance of the yard can easily be turned into a lively photo session. You can do a photo session while they are yellow flowers by gathering them into a bouquet or flower crown (just be careful their stem milk will stain clothes), or wait until they are all white and capture active shots of blowing away the seeds. 


One of the most perfect spring couple photoshoot ideas is easy to do if you plan to have a little picnic! When the weather is warm grab your favorite basket and blanket and bring your favorite snack with you to have a countryside-inspired photoshoot. This is especially rewarding since you will have a feast right after you are done taking pictures. 

Spring photoshoot ideas | Mariyas Photography

Rain umbrellas and boots 

If plants are not your cup of tea, or your spring tends to be late like it is here in Chicago – do not fear! Bright rain boots and colorful umbrellas are a great way to make those gloomy rainy days a little happier. 

Spring photoshoot ideas | Mariyas Photography


Is it still too early for flowers? No problem – grab balloons instead! You can take some pretty awesome pictures inside or out with helium balloons or just air-filled ones. To make this a more spring-themed photoshoot, decide on a color scheme beforehand and select balloons that will go with it. 

Indoor Spring Photoshoot Ideas

Can’t get outside to enjoy spring? Don’t worry you can easily bring spring indoors with a handful of flower bouquets. All it takes is a pretty plain wall that you can tape flowers to or suspend them from the ceiling, surround yourself with baskets or crates full of tulips and you’re all set for a perfect indoor spring photoshoot. 

Petting Farm 

Since we’re celebrating new beginnings, baby animals are a must-be-on-your-list especially if you plan a family spring photoshoot with toddlers – not only is it cuteness overload but also a way to make the spring photoshoot a lot more enjoyable for your little ones! Some baby animals that give a “spring” vibe are baby chicks, lambs, and bunnies!

Spring photoshoot ideas | Mariyas Photography

Spring Photo Inspiration Conclusion 

Spring is a wonderful time of year especially late spring when the outdoor world seems to finally come alive and the days get longer. This is a perfect time to shake the winter chills, get started on new creative projects, and celebrate the season by taking spring-inspired photography!

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