14 Perfect Couple Photo Ideas and Poses

Planning a couple photoshoot soon? We’ve curated the best list to refer to 14 perfectly romantic couple photo ideas you can try and recreate! They will work for any couple getting engagement photos, getting married on their wedding day, or just having fun. Not only are the poses super cute but they are fun – ensuring you’ll make amazing memories while having genuine emotion show through in the final photos.

1. Hold on Tight

As you are getting warmed up in your couple photoshoot start with something easy but cute – go for a hug! To make the picture look extra sweet, look each other in the eyes, bow your foreheads together, or lean in as close as you can as you would for a kiss but don’t quite kiss yet – take the photo first! 

2. Piggy Back

The piggyback must be on your list of couple photography poses! Climb on the back of your partner and smile. To jazz up photos ask the photographer to take action shoots as the person runs and jumps up on the back of the standing partner, this will get you plenty of smile and laughter photos. 

Best of Couple Photo Ideas for those getting engaged!
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3. The Look-Back

A couple photo idea that does not get used enough is – the look back. Just imagine a gorgeous couple all dressed up going for a stroll while holding hands and then they both look back with a broad smile. The pose is super easy and gives plenty of variety of movement by switching between hugs, holding, hands, and even dancing.

4. Lap Sitting

One of the more beautiful intimate couple photography poses where the variety is countless! You can again alternate between kisses, hugs, leaning foreheads, or sharing focus on an object, once those are done switch it up by facing one direction but still being in one of the partner’s lap. As you are getting photographed be sure to enjoy the special moment with your favorite person. 

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5. Hug From Behind

Whether you are the little spoon or the big spoon this is the time to get a perfect affectionate hug in from the back. The person in the back should wrap their hands around the person in front and either lean their head against the partner’s shoulder or look up at their eyes.

6. The Pick-Up

When people see this idea, it’s not surprising that they immediately want to recreate it for their couple photoshoot. This romantic pose is also super versatile! You can run towards the partner for a pickup, look at each other, lean in for a kiss, kick up one of both feet, wrap your legs around the waist, and so much more. To change up the pose from being vertical facing each other, have the standing partner cradle the second person in a horizontal position.

7. Wings

Depending on how this couple photo is done, it can give you major Titanic movie vibes. We recommend the couple face in the same direction and hold their hands out to start before getting creative with classic movie poses that are loved by many.

8. Holding Hands

Another simple yet charming pose is to just hold hands. Many tend to go in for a side hug as a go-to couple photo pose but really you can make it a simple handhold just to make it a little different from the most common pose. You can walk towards the camera while holding hands or have one person lead. This creates a whole ton of depth and interesting angles to play around with.

9. Sit With Me Darling

Especially if you are dressed up for a couple photoshoot for a special occasion, this is the best time to show off your outfit from every angle. Ladies wearing dresses can show off the flounce of their skirts in a much different way laid out on a bench or chair than when standing up. It adds a whole new vibe to the outfit worthy of being showcased in every creative way.

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10. Sweet Kiss

While a classic kiss is one to never miss, try a little simpler version by doing a forehead kiss. It has a much different energy, coming across as gentle and sweet.

11. Sunset Babe

If you can get a couple photo during any part of the day, it better be at sunrise, sunset, or any time as close as you can get around golden hour especially. Why? Well, this is a time of beautiful warm tones and dreamy silhouettes. No matter how you pose against those wonderful sun colors, they will make any couple look stunning.

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12. It’s a Picnic

Out and about in the park for a walk or picnic? Use this opportunity to snap a cute photo it’s truly one of the best outdoor photography poses for couples! Just lay down comfortably in the grass head to head, the closer you are to each other the better, as the final photos will turn out charmingly affectionate.

Picnicking Couple Photo Ideas
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13. Hollywood Kiss

If we had to pick one picture from our couple of photo ideas, it would be this one. Let your partner sweep you off your feet with affection while totally going Hollywood class and style. Make sure the standing partner does not raise the leaning person’s leg too far up to cause awkward positioning and discomfort.

Wedding Couple Photo Ideas

14. Let’s Dance

To wrap up your couple photoshoot, start up a little dance and get in a little twirl as you tango. You don’t even have to pretend to dance, do it for real by playing music. You’ll be surprised how natural your photos will turn out while being in full dance motion. 

Couple Photo Ideas, Conclusion

From bold poses to sweet and romantic hugs, this list gives you a good mix of couple of photo ideas to try. If you want a better visual of these tips be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest where we frequently post short videos about poses and photography.

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