Family Photographer Chicago Experience

Family photography is a little time capsule for families, a way for every member to be able to return to meaningful family moments. As a family photographer Chicago, our goal is to create a wonderful family session experience for everyone from mom and dad, to the grandparents, to the kids – whether they are energetic toddlers, a pre-teen, teenagers, or young adults. In this blog we’ll go through the family photography experience in a little more depth so you are prepared for every step of the process!

Photography Consultation

After getting the initial details usually by email, the family photography experience always starts with a scheduled phone call or in person consultation – you get to choose! During the call we dive into exactly what you would like your family photos to look like – there are no limits to creativity or customizations, our goal is for you to love all your photos.

Some clients choose to take photos highlighting the beautiful Chicago skyline, architecture, or opt for natural atmosphere. In for outdoor family photoshoots such these, we always give clients suggestions for best Chicago photo locations.

Family photographty in chicago

For clients who want something different – we create a photo set in a studio space in Wicker Park – the options are endless! Sometimes you’ll find us working with a fun colored backdrop, sometimes we build seasonal sets, or create something totally unique that represents our client’s family dynamic. This client in the picture below wanted as much color as possible!

The Family Photographer Chicago Experience, family of 4 laughing as they pop a confetti popper

The Family Photography Session

Once we’ve discussed all your family picture preferences we send you a little guide on how to get dressed – this way you have zero stress about what to wear for the big day and always answer any remaining questions you may have.

On the day of the session we take the lead! We’ll help you pose in a way that looks natural, feel totally relaxed in front of the camera, and let you have fun with games or prompts. While most family photography session take an hour we don’t time the session. Sometimes for families who have a very young children and 15-30 minutes is all that they can handle – so we always work with what is comfortable for the family. And no worries if the little kids misbehave, we come prepared with toys and prompts to get the best photos of them!

We also always vary the poses so there is a nice balance between posed photos of everyone looking at the camera with smiles, and also capture genuine laugher and expressions. This gives families a nice variety of photos to choose from – the unposed photos often reveal the sweetest moments between parents and children.

The Family Photographer Chicago Experience, 2 kids reading a book while the parents are in the background smiling at each other

Photography Reveal & Ordering Appointment

From the moment the session is over, we turn on our creativity on and literally obsess with perfecting each photo! Every image is enhanced with color adjustments, artistically cropped, and cleaned up – pieces of litter, crumbs on kids faces, clothing wrinkles, and anything distracting is always removed. Within a week we schedule an appointment with you for see your photos for the very first time. During the meeting you get first get to see the anticipated photos in a custom slideshow!

Once you’ve gotten a chance to enjoy photos, we go through and help you choose your favorite family pictures. If you choose to, we then help you select artwork for you home. Clients often choose gorgeous framed pieces and Fine Art Albums which feature all the images from the session. Digital photography is delivered to you right away while custom artwork is delivered 4-8 weeks after the ordering appointment. Once you receive everything the photography and artwork is your to enjoy and keep!

The Family Photographer Chicago Experience, pictures of a Fine Art Family album created by Mariyas Photography

Family Photographer Chicago Experience, Conclusion

The family photography experience is designed to be flexible and customizable to every family, so you receive the photos you were dreaming of to love everyday. Our goal as family photographers is not merely to take pictures but to give the family an unforgettable and stress-free experience in which we collaborate to create timeless family photography that brings you to smile.

If you are looking for a family photographer Chicago – I’d love to talk! Just click here to get in contact with me. My family photography spots fill up fast so don’t wait too long! If you’re just looking for some family photoshoot inspiration check out my family page here!

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