Hiring a Professional Portrait Photographer – Top 5 Reasons Why You Should

When planning a portrait photoshoot or a special event, you might come across a thought: should I hire a professional portrait photographer instead? The answer is always yes, and there are hundreds of reasons why, but I have narrowed it down to the top 5 important ones you should consider!

1. Experience 

Do you ever get inspired by amazing pictures of people doing the coolest poses or illuminated by golden sunlight effects pictures on Pinterest? A professional portrait photographer knows exactly how to make that happen. No matter where your photography session will be taking place, your professional portrait photographer will know exactly how to prepare to get you the best quality – even if the location is too dark, too bright, or even too green or orange. Professional photographers will bring the required lighting equipment, diffusers, reflectors, lens glare filters, and any other tools you may possibly need to manipulate the light and the environment’s elements to create amazing photos. 

Experience, however, does not stop there, for both portrait and event photography, photographers will know how to work with individuals and large groups of people to get the most out of a photo shoot. Because professionals have spent years photographing people or similar settings they will know how to correctly pose and frame people of different sizes and age groups in a flattering and creative way. Shorter and smaller people will look their tallest, while tall people will look just right. 

Professional portrait photographer capturing a family wearing light blue by the Wrigley building, Chicago

2. Equipment 

When you hire a professional portrait photographer you do not only get the benefit of experience you also get the best equipment. Trust me, camera gear is very expensive but there is no doubt you want the very best equipment for the best photo results. In a way, you get to rent the best tools to create the perfect images without having to commit to the high price tags and years of learning to use the tools.

Even with the latest phone camera improvements nothing can beat a real DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras paired with high quality portrait lenses. A camera picture work great to capture a quick snapshot for memory, but when creating artwork to last for generations hiring a professional portrait photographer in absolutely necessary. Working with professionals guarantees high-quality work and images that will last more than a lifetime.

3. Take off the responsibility from you 

Just like hiring a caterer, you take away the heavy responsibility of having to cook for a large party. The same goes for hiring a professional portrait photographer, you don’t have to worry throughout the duration of the shoot about taking photos. That means not having to set timers and run to get in the photo or trying to fit everyone into a selfie and finding a good angle without your arm in it.

Instead, you’ll have more time to enjoy the process! As an individual all you have to do is pose, if in a group or event photography, you get to spend quality time surrounded by your people. At the end of the day, you get featured and all you have to do was show up. 

Professional portrait photography - unedited vs edited photos

Left: Raw unedited and unprocessed image, Right: Final edited image

4. High-Quality Art and Editing

Professional photographers put in the time and effort to learning techniques to create beautiful art that you to love and enjoy for years to come. Images go through careful adjustments like lights, shadows, and color correction. Afterward, they are styled and edited to remove distracting objects and imperfections. Some photographers will finish off the adding by adding their signature style (ethereal & bright, vibrant, dark & moody). When hiring a professional you invest in latest technology and guaranteed quality work.

Chicago family photos in custom linen box

5. You only have one opportunity

For many occasions like weddings, special community events, and even when family comes to town once a year you only have one chance to get the photos; there are no redos. You will feel so much more at ease knowing that a professional will do it, and do it right. In such once-in-a-lifetime events it is not wise to try cut corners and depend on an amateur to get your photos done reliably.

Hiring a Professional Portrait Photographer, Conclusion

Just like any other profession, it’s great to work with individuals who are talented and love their job, may it be a chef, a nurse, or a seamstress. Most people are photographers because they are good at what they do. Photography is their passion, they love what they do so you know they will do their best to make you happy with the results. Especially if this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion treat yourself to working with a true professional. When you work with a professional portrait photographers you will not just get photos of everyone smiling, you get beautiful intimate moments, see the emotion in the relationships, and of course invest in creating your historical legacy.

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