Family Photography for Families that

  • Want to build a cherished memory that will last a lifetime by creating a beautiful heirloom art to pass down from generation to generation
  • Want to celebrating  their family and have a little fun in an environment where you can let loose and show off your unique personalities
  • Want to have professional, high quality photography to proudly display and share with your loved ones
  • Want to elevate the style of their home with stunning, unique and personalized art
Family portrait photography in Chicago North Avenue Beach
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What We Do Differently

If you have to scroll on your phone or computer to find the last family picture, this just might be just the photography experience for you.

This generation has the largest digital presence, but also the one with the least amount of physical photographs and art of their families. As convenient as digital photos are, they are easily corrupted, lost, and forgotten. That is why our mission is to create meaningful artwork for their families to love and enjoy everyday, and grow in value for years to come.

Just think: Which will you be able to look at in 15 years, a picture frame or a USB flash drive digital image?


Happy Clients

Irving Park, Chicago Photographer

"I had such a wonderful experience working with Mariya! We had our photoshoot in one of the Chicago neighborhoods. Mariya's portrait photography skills are amazing as she finds just the right angle to capture your best look! Taking photos sometimes may be a little nerve-wracking, but Mariya helps you calm down and open up. Her way of communicating with the model is very uplifting and inspiring. The end result made me feel so happy as the portraits turned out amazing! I'm very grateful for Mariya's professionalism and the portraits that she has created for me!" 

-- Ambrina


"Very nice and great experience.
Thank you for everything and doing a great job with us"

-- Natalie

Headshot in Chicago created by a branding and headshots photographer

"Mariya was amazing to work with! I have had a few professional shots done in my career, she was able to make it super easy and feel very comfortable while taking the shots. The locations she chose were very amazing in the shots and she was able to capture the right FEEL I wanted in my professional shots.

Not only was she very professional and talented at her craft, she is a fun person and made the whole experience enjoyable with her customer service!"

-- Ian


"Mariya is a talented professional photographer. We couldn’t be any happier with the photographs she made for us! She quickly understands your ideas, needs, and desires. Also, I was very pleased with Mariyas promptness and flexibility with her schedule.
If you decide to make a professional photographs, I am recommending Mariya. You will be happy with the result!"

-- Yulia

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The Process

1. Every photo session starts with a personalized consultation. We explore your vision, preferences, and aspirations. Together, we'll discuss concepts, attire, themes, and collaborate closely to ensure every detail aligns perfectly with your vision.


2. Photo session time! Prepared with ideas we help you feel confident and at ease in front of the camera, leave the posing worries to us!


3. The photos are then hand styled and edited with brilliant colors and tones. We always edit out any distracting details and carefully custom-crop every photo to perfection.


4. Finally, the photographs are revealed during the order meeting. During this meeting you choose  you favorite digital photographs and order printed artwork included in your collection.

Behind the scenes

Check out this behind the scenes video! If you need a little guidance with posing we will coach you down to your fingertips.

This type of video is included in our "Signature," Collection. We will capture a little of the behind the scenes moments like getting ready and arriving to the location, and then featuring your family as the main character of your own portrait film.

Portrait Collections Pricing

The session retainer booking fee is $195. After the session you will get the opportunity to choose your favorite photographs. The number of selected photos comes with an album full of timeless memories.

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