The secret to creativity is ...

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A few years ago I had no idea what photography would lead me to. I just started as a photographic artist, taking pictures of me for fun and to improve my confidence. But I’ve learned that creating professional photography for others is a celebration of individuals, a way to keeps stories alive, an expression love and gratitude, and always knowing where you came from.

I pour my heart into making your images look beautiful and perfect just in case they are the only ones you get to have and share with others. And that’s the real creative fuel that drives me forward.





I’ll share a secret with you, my photography is gorgeous because I have discovered the best creative fuel - having tea by the buckets - just kidding that’s only half of the secret.

I was born in Ukraine and I came to the US with my family when I turned 9 years old. I don’t have many photos of me with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins, and it's possible that I may not them see in person again. To this day even the few photos we took causally are the most valuable, especially the photos I have with my parents. I can’t even begin to tell you how much emotion there is in one simple photo.

More than once, I’ve flooded with tears glancing at a photo knowing of the hard work and sacrifices my parents made for me and how thankful I am to them.

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My Family

My husband and two of our furry cats moved to Chicago a few years ago. We basically spend all our time looking for the next best tea, coffee, and pastry shops. We’re both photographers so the creative fuel + tea and coffee taste + ambiance for productive editing is a super complicated formula we constantly need to solve.

Our favorite thing to do is to road trip across the country and take pictures. That’s right we don’t really know what the inside of an airport looks like because we go out of our way to drive everywhere - literally even in other countries. Our goal is to drive to every single state together in the next couple years! We're not close yet but we'll get there soon 🙂


I looove a good road trip, my family goal is to fill out this whole map (yes I've been to WI & FL, just need a pretty picture - being a photographer and all)

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