branding photography

The key differences between branding photography and headshots

By Mariya Maximtsev - April 9, 2024

In the world of professional photography, two terms often interchange but serve different purposes: headshots and branding photography (often also referred to as personal branding photography). Both serve important roles in portraying individuals or businesses in their best light, however, the subtle differences between them significantly influence how they’re used and the results they produce.…

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12 Best coffee shops downtown Chicago for remote work and focus

By Mariya Maximtsev | April 3, 2024

Working from home offers comfort and familiarity, there’s something special about heading out to explore coffee shops downtown Chicago. Nestled within this bustling city are an array of unique coffee shops, each with its own charm, design, and cultural flair. As a small business owner, I’ve discovered that these coffee sanctuaries not only fuel productivity…

The best cameras for portraits, lenses, and other camera accessories

By Mariya Maximtsev | March 28, 2024

Whenever I meet or start following newly discovered photographers, I always want to know what camera they are using, so I wanted to share my tips for the best cameras for portraits and people photography and other accessories! I started out years ago with a very simple camera and slowly upgraded to better cameras and lenses with…

Family portrait photography in Chicago studio

10 Questions to Ask Before You Book Chicago Family Photos

By Mariya Maximtsev | March 18, 2024

When booking  Chicago family photos A good photographer will have the information readily available whether it is on their website, social media, or information that they share with you on a phone call or consultation. In this blog we will discuss the more important questions to ask your family photographer before booking a session for…

How long are family photo sessions? 

By Mariya Maximtsev | February 17, 2024

When thinking about how long are family photo sessions, you have to consider a number of things. In this blog we will go over how timing can vary by the expertise of the photographer, the set up and location, number of poses, and finally number and age of the participants. Things to consider for session…

What to do with digital files after a portrait photography session?

By Mariya Maximtsev | January 13, 2024

You just had a family portrait session and you received or have chosen to buy the digital files, so what now? In this blog we’ll go overt some creative fun things to do with your digital photos and how to properly store digital files. Post & Update Social Media This answer is almost obvious isn’t…

Birthday Studio Portraits Chicago

By Mariya Maximtsev | January 12, 2024

Zoriana celebrated her 25th birthday in style with personalized birthday session, a cake, and of course champagne! Thank you for visiting my blog! A note about me, I am a photographer in Chicago. My goal is to empower women by creating custom photoshoots whether it is for your personal brand or business, a significant milestone,…