How long are family photo sessions? 

By Mariya Maximtsev - February 17, 2024

When thinking about how long are family photo sessions, you have to consider a number of things. In this blog we will go over how timing can vary by the expertise of the photographer, the set up and location, number of poses, and finally number and age of the participants. Things to consider for session…

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6 Important Reasons to invest in photography prints of your family 

By Mariya Maximtsev | January 2, 2023

Important Reasons to invest in photography prints of your family 

Best Types of Lighting in Photography You Must Know for Amazing Portraits

By Mariya Maximtsev | December 26, 2022

Lighting is a crucial element in portrait photography, as it can significantly impact the mood and overall aesthetic of the image. As a portrait photographer, knowing the best types of lighting in photography can make a huge difference in the final result of your images. In this article, we will discuss some of the best…

7 Best Women Photographers in Chicago by Specialty

By Mariya Maximtsev | December 5, 2022

Wedding photography | Best women Photographers in Chicago

Small family photography in Chicago

Easy Family Photoshoot Guide

By Mariya Maximtsev | November 25, 2022

Planning a family photoshoot? You’ve come to the right place to get ready and fully prepared! In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about choosing a location, what to wear, and more! What Is Family Photography? Family photography is any pictures of individuals within a family. This may be parents and…

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12 Festive Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

By Mariya Maximtsev | October 10, 2022

The winter holiday season is almost here, so now is the time to think about Christmas photoshoot ideas and schedule a couple and a family photo session! To get you inspired, I have compiled the best list of ideas and activities for making the holiday photos unforgettably magical.  1. Snow  Let’s start with a classic!…

14 Perfect Couple Photo Ideas and Poses

By Mariya Maximtsev | August 27, 2022

Planning a couple photoshoot soon? We’ve curated the best list to refer to 14 perfectly romantic couple photo ideas you can try and recreate! They will work for any couple getting engagement photos, getting married on their wedding day, or just having fun. Not only are the poses super cute but they are fun –…