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The key differences between branding photography and headshots

By Mariya Maximtsev - April 9, 2024

In the world of professional photography, two terms often interchange but serve different purposes: headshots and branding photography (often also referred to as personal branding photography). Both serve important roles in portraying individuals or businesses in their best light, however, the subtle differences between them significantly influence how they’re used and the results they produce.…

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Family portrait photography in Chicago; family enjoying a walk near Michigan Avenue

Chicago Family Photographer | Michigan Avenue

By Mariya Maximtsev | August 25, 2023

Michigan Avenue and the Riverwalk are just some of the few stunning locations a Chicago family photographer would love to take pictures at. This family even coordinated their outfits together and incorporated soft colors to perfectly stand out from the stunning surrounding architecture! It was lovely day of captured memories that will be cherished for…

Chicago empowerment photography for women

By Mariya Maximtsev | July 26, 2023

Together with Vicky we created beautiful photographs one of the best Chicago photoshoot locations, Ping Tom Memorial Park. The idea for this empowerment photography session was to feature a different side of Chicago, but more importantly give Vicky the spotlight. After the photoshoot, Vicky shared on her social media, how she was able to better…

Chicago Photographer, womens portraits

10 Stunning Photography Poses for Women That Capture True Beauty

By Mariya Maximtsev | June 26, 2023

When it comes to photography, the right pose can make all the difference. In this blog post, we will explore 10 of the best photography poses for women that will help you create unforgettable images while showcase the true beauty of your subject. 1. The Candid Laugh Genuine laughter brings out the natural joy and…

Spring photoshoot ideas

10 Colorful Spring Photoshoot Ideas and Inspiration

By Mariya Maximtsev | February 19, 2023

If fall is all about pumpkins and scarves, then spring is all flowers, blossoms, and new beginnings. We’ve included the best spring photoshoot ideas and inspiration with flowers and beyond!  Blooming flowers Take advantage of Mother Nature’s spring gifts by taking an outdoor spring photoshoot with blooming flowers. I guarantee that even if you do…

6 Important Reasons to invest in photography prints after your family photos 

By Mariya Maximtsev | January 2, 2023

Important Reasons to invest in photography prints of your family 

Best Types of Lighting in Photography You Must Know for Amazing Portraits

By Mariya Maximtsev | December 26, 2022

Lighting is a crucial element in portrait photography, as it can significantly impact the mood and overall aesthetic of the image. As a portrait photographer, knowing the best types of lighting in photography can make a huge difference in the final result of your images. In this article, we will discuss some of the best…