branding photography

The key differences between branding photography and headshots

By Mariya Maximtsev - April 9, 2024

In the world of professional photography, two terms often interchange but serve different purposes: headshots and branding photography (often also referred to as personal branding photography). Both serve important roles in portraying individuals or businesses in their best light, however, the subtle differences between them significantly influence how they’re used and the results they produce.…

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Family portrait photography in Chicago North Avenue Beach

The Family Portraits Experience in Chicago

By Mariya Maximtsev | December 19, 2023

Family photography is a little time capsule for families, a way for every member to be able to return to meaningful family moments. Our goal is to create a wonderful family portraits experience for everyone from mom and dad, to the grandparents, to the kids – whether they are energetic toddlers, a pre-teen, teenagers, or…

Extended family photoshoot | Chicago, IL

By Mariya Maximtsev | December 1, 2023

A glimpse at an extended family photoshoot in Chicago, Illinois right before the winter season and holidays! Laughter echoed as family members embraced one another, creating timeless moments together. Hi and thank you for visiting my blog! A note about me, I am a Chicago family photographer specializing in creating heirloom art pieces for families,…

family things to do in Wicker Park, Chicago

Top 10 family things to do in Wicker Park

By Mariya Maximtsev | November 29, 2023

The opportunities for family things to do in Wicker Park are endless. It’s truly one of the best places to treat your family to fun outing of charming parks, quirky boutiques, and mouthwatering eateries! This guide will go over all the best places you need to know about if you have little kids, older kids,…

Family photoshoot in Chicago suburbs

Outdoor Family Photography Chicago

By Mariya Maximtsev | November 28, 2023

An inside look of a fun and bright outdoor family photography session and their portraits in Chicago, Illinois. The family wore their traditional Ukrainian clothing and created beautiful pictures in a wheat field depicting the Ukrainian flag. Hi and thank you for visiting my blog! A note about me, I am a published Chicago family…

Chicago portrait photography capturing a picture of a family of 4

Wicker Park Photographer | Indoor Family Session

By Mariya Maximtsev | November 27, 2023

Catch this little glimpse of a Wicker Park indoor family session. Photos by Mariyas Photography Hi and thank you for visiting my blog! A note about me, I am a Wicker Park photographer for families, women, and business owners. For families, I create custom art pieces that become treasured family heirlooms. This includes everything from…

Chicago Fantasy Photography | Fine Art & Romance

By Mariya Maximtsev | September 10, 2023

This summer we created a beautiful Chicago Fantasy Photography by visiting a chapel on Michigan Avenue. The photographs combine various styles such as Gothic architecture, Romance, Medieval, Fine Art, and goddess themes. Thank you for visiting my blog! A note about me, I am a photographer for women in Chicago. My goal is to create…