12 Best coffee shops downtown Chicago for remote work and focus

Working from home offers comfort and familiarity, there’s something special about heading out to explore coffee shops downtown Chicago. Nestled within this bustling city are an array of unique coffee shops, each with its own charm, design, and cultural flair. As a small business owner, I’ve discovered that these coffee sanctuaries not only fuel productivity but also provide a refreshing change of scenery. In this blog, I’ll share my top picks for remote work in the heart of Chicago. ☕️

The Drawing Room

Do you love a dark and cozy space that really helps you get into the zone? This true hidden gem is located on the second floor of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel. The interior is gorgeous Dark Academia style with ornate wall arches, tall ceilings and windows, dark lighting, and multiple warm fire places. It’s the perfect cozy spot for all day remote work that serves food as well as coffee and cocktails.

My absolute top favorite of all coffee shops downtown Chicago is Drawing Room at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

Cafe Deko

If you enjoy the 1930s Art Deco style, this place must go on your list of coffee shops in Chicago. Decorated with beautiful colors and brass details, you’ll absolutely enjoy the vintage atmosphere of little details that the owners put into this shop (be sure to go early in the day because this coffee shop is super popular!)

If your looking for fun artsy coffee shops downtown Chicago don't forget to check out Cafe Deko inspired by 1930s Art Deco Art

Sawada Coffee

If you’re near Fulton Market you’ll find another one of those coffee shops downtown Chicago that have a dark and moody atmosphere. You can bring a bigger group of friends or coworkers to work remotely with in the spacious seating lit up with strings of lights.

One of the coziest coffee shops downtown Chicago is the Sawada Coffee with dark industrial interior design that is perfect for deep focus


Italian food lover this coffee shop is for you. Many know that Eataly is a restaurant and grocery store, but it also has delicious hot lunches, Italian deserts, and coffee. Order a tasty treat and sit right by the windows that look out on to a busy street.

Love Italian food? This is the best of Italian coffee shops downtown Chicago

Paris Baguette

Paris baguette is for anyone is with a sweet tooth. This shop has an array of sweet and savory bakery items on display for you to pick out. They often also have the cutest seasonal treats that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Not to mention that they have locations conveniently located in North, West & South Loop as well as the suburbs – no matter where you live there is at least one to give a try!

Goddess & The Baker

Goddess and the Baker has multiple coffee shops downtown Chicago, so there is a close option for everyone. My favorite has to be the one that looks out onto the Chicago Riverwalk, with the river and architecture view – it’s unbeatable.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

The biggest Starbucks in the world that serves coffee and cocktails, this 3 story building is a dream to work remotely at! On the first floor you get to see how they roast their coffee beans, while the other floors are dedicated to various drinks and foods. This pace is very popular, so if you want a quieter work session go in the early mornings on weekdays.

Cafe Cremerie

Another Italian bakery and gelato shop with great coffee! Not only are indoors gorgeous with tall ceilings and windows, the shop has a quiet outdoor seating in a little courtyard making it the best spot for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors.

TARY Coffeehouse

Tary Coffee is a special place for anyone who loves great coffee and wants to try dishes from the Kazakh steppes. They’re known for using top-quality coffee beans from there, making every sip delicious and unique. Plus, they offer tasty food inspired by the region, so you can enjoy a cultural culinary experience along with your coffee.

Ralph’s Coffee

One of my other favorite coffee shops downtown Chicago is this spot by the brand Ralph Lauren. Located in the Magnificent Mile you can get great work done and then get in some fun shopping.

Backlot Coffee

One of more most frequented coffee shops is Backlot Coffee located in Irving Park. The coffee shop’s unbeatable fresh roasts truly enhance the quality of their lattes and espresso shots, making them absolutely amazing. Not to mention that they are big part of the community, featuring new artist’s artwork every month.


Bru is famous for its tasty coffee, cool decorations, and yummy crepes. It’s a great place to work or hang out with friends. With its cozy vibe and delicious treats, Bru is sure to please coffee fans and anyone looking for a good time.

Best coffee shops downtown Chicago, conclusion

So there you have it – the best coffee shops downtown Chicago and beyond. These shops and cafes not only serve top-notch coffee but also provide the ideal atmosphere for focused productivity. Whether you’re seeking a quiet corner for deep concentration or a vibrant space to brainstorm with colleagues, these coffee spots offer the perfect blend of comfort and convenience for remote workers. So, if you’re in search of your next favorite spot to work remotely while enjoying a great cup of coffee, look no further than these gems scattered across the city and its outskirts.

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