What to do with digital files after a portrait photography session?

You just had a family portrait session and you received or have chosen to buy the digital files, so what now? In this blog we’ll go overt some creative fun things to do with your digital photos and how to properly store digital files.

Post & Update Social Media

This answer is almost obvious isn’t it, I mean how many times have you taken photos just for social media? Me – I have! (Insert raising hand emoji here). 

if you love social media, go ahead update your profile picture, the cover photos, post several times on Instagram and Facebook. Share and let others enjoy the great photos from you portrait session. While you’re on your device, update that background pictures on your phone and computer!

Using digital files from you portrait photography session on social media

Get a Digital Frame 

My family loves this digital frames. A special feature that some digital frames have is that the gallery can be shared with family members. So anyone can add photos to gallery. It’s fun to sometimes be surprised by new photos that you haven’t seen before when other add them! Digital frames are especially nice if you like home decor or frames that change the pictures often or you have more than one favorite photo to display. 

Make Slideshows and Videos

You how certain phones or apps will give your “a year in review” galleries? it’s a wonderful feature on many social media sites as well, bringing back a lot of memories and social moment from the year. If you enjoy galleries like this, or you like being a little more creative, then make slideshows and videos out of your photos. When showing my photography clients their photos for the first time, I always showcase them in a slide show with music – and they love it! A great and easy tool like Canva can help put together galleries and videos in no time. 

Using digital files from you portrait photography session to print holiday cards

Create Calendars & Cards 

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what to get grandparents for their birthdays or holiday gifts then this just might the idea for you. Calendar are nice because you can have a different photo or collage for each month. While we are on the topic of seasonality, you may want to print some greeting cards! They do not just have to winter holidays. You can create custom cards for birthdays, moving to a new home, and make sweet thank you notes. 

Please, please, please do not print professional photos at you local drugstore. They compress photos and do not calibrate printer settings, so the printed photos will look nothing like original professional photos. Print at site like to ensure the quality is intact. https://www.unitprints.com

Most importantly – Print them!

While we all enjoy digital files – files can get lost and or get corrupted. If you want important family photos to last and become your legacy, I highly encourage you to get your photographs professionally printed with your photographer. Most professional photographers will provide this as a service. They know the best local printers that do a wonderful job of creating heirloom quality prints, frames, and albums that will last for decades and sometimes even centuries years.

A Note on Storing Digital Files

The best way to ensure that your digital files last, make sure to make as many copies of the files as possible, in Cloud or storage drives, on multiple devices, and as well as create physical backups on flash drives or SSD cards. Most of the time if you have devices connected the files will be in one Cloud or storage system, so be sure you have those physical memory cards. This way if one system fails you have a few other places that have the photos.


If you ever find yourself wondering what to do with digital files after you portrait photography session – then hopefully this blog answered your questions. No matter how you choose to enjoy you digital files make sure that they carefully stored and printed so your legacy and memories can last for many lifetimes.

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